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Wholesale natural jewelry by Bedido fashion, The cheapest and lowest price of natural fashion accessories. For different kind of natural jewelry like shell jewelry, coconut jewelry, wooden jewelry, bone jewelry and horn jewelry. We have everything for ladies, men's, women's, teens, unisex, girls and boys organic body wear. For more of the latest and new designs of wholesale handmade fashion accessories, please visit our wholesale site at Bedido Natural Jewelry

The best store for Natural Organic Jewelry. Fashion Jewelry and fashion accessories. Natural Organic Jewelry With unique designs of Natural Anklets, Natural Bangles, Natural Bracelets, Natural Necklaces, Natural Belts, Natural Brooch, Natural Earrings, Natural Chokers, Natural Gifts, Home Decors, Jewelry Set, Jewelry Box, Hairclips, Keychains, Capiz and a whole lot more. Made from Natural Shell, Coco, Wood, Horn, Coco Pokalet, Bone, Seed, Coco Heishe, Stone, Glass and beads. This site is only a preview of what we have. We also do custom natural jewelry designs for your specific projects.

For wholesale natural jewelry, We offer very competitive prices. The Lowest price with lowest minimum order quantity. We have several thousands of jewelry items that are not included on this site. Please visit our wholesale site at Bedido Fashion Natural Jewelry.
Products Showcase
Buri seed tube colored Choker Necklace
buri seed tube & colored white clam combination glass beads/ lavender tones Choker Necklace
35mm x 25mm capiz lime Hand Painted Earrings
35mm x 25mm capiz lime green/orange rectangular 2 tone graduated webbing Hand Painted Earrings
Troca scallop mop crazy cut Unisex Necklace
troca scallop, MOP crazy cut and glass beads combination Unisex Necklace
40mmx27mm rectangular natural white Simple Cuts Pendants
40mmx27mm rectangular natural white capiz Simple Cuts Pendants
Natural wood colored bangle 6mm Wooden Bangles
natural wood colored bangle 6mm / 65mm in diameter clear coat finish/ price per piece Wooden Bangles
7-8mm coco heishe black Coco Heishe Beads
7-8mm coco heishe black Coco Heishe Beads
Mahogany white rose Surfer Necklace
mahogany white rose in lavender and white rose combination Surfer Necklace
40mmx40mm square aqua hammershell Shell Pendants
40mmx40mm square aqua hammershell 15mm center hole Shell Pendants
50mmx27mm transparent clear amber Wholesale Keychain
50mmx27mm transparent clear amber resin surfboard laminated seashell and crab keychain / can be ordered customized text Wholesale Keychain
Mop leaf 15mm Carved Pendants
MOP leaf 15mm Carved Pendants
2 rows sig-id wood tube Shell Anklets
2 rows sig-id wood tube tiger/bleach white 2-3mm coco pokalet flower Shell Anklets
Fuschia pink 4-5 coco pokalet Choker Necklace
fuschia pink 4-5 coco pokalet glass beads Choker Necklace
Blacklip 5 petals flower Carved Pendants
blacklip 5 petals flower groove 35mm Carved Pendants
Kabibe rounded teardrop 35mmx30mm-two tone Shell Pendant
kabibe rounded teardrop 35mmx30mm-two tone - lavender-soft pink combination Shell Pendant
Fish handpainted wood refrigerator magnet Wholesale Refrigerator Magnets
fish handpainted wood refrigerator magnet 73mmx35mm / can be personalized text Wholesale Refrigerator Magnets
2 rows 2-3 mm heishe Teens Necklace
2 rows 2-3 mm heishe nat. chocolate orchids combination and center wood tube burning accent Teens Necklace
Fish handpainted wood keychain 105mmx40mm Wholesale Keychain
fish handpainted wood keychain 105mmx40mm / can be personalized text Wholesale Keychain
4-5mm coco heishe green blue blue gray black Teens Necklace
4-5mm coco heishe green/blue/blue gray/black combination Teens Necklace
Glistening purple abalone Molten Metal Pendants
glistening purple abalone (approx. 45mm - varying natural sizes ) molten gold metal series / attached jump rings / electroplated / a-4 Molten Metal Pendants
Floating shell nuggets - hammershell Floating Necklace
floating shell nuggets - hammershell Floating Necklace
Mahogany tan 2-3 coco Coco Anklets
mahogany tan 2-3 coco Pokalet and acrylic crystals Coco Anklets
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